Helping authors get published is the mission of my book editing business. From idea to publication, I provide honest and experienced advice, pushing authors to go deeper and to write more clearly and profoundly. I am also exacting when it comes to error-free prose and am happy to get out the red pen to make sure every last comma is in its right place. Whatever your publishing goals, I can help get your finished manuscript to agents or through the self-publishing process. 


Manuscript Critique

The manuscript critique is perfect if you've finished a first draft and are looking for some big-picture feedback.  It's also good if you've got a finished manuscript, but it just doesn't seem to get any bites from publishers or agents and you need someone who knows what their doing to help you figure out what's missing.

You'll receive an overall critique on the book--what its strengths and weaknesses are and tips on how how to improve the weaknesses. Expect a several page letter discussing my recommendations plus a one-hour discussion via Skype to answer any questions and go over the notes together.

Up to 250 pages - $500
each extra 100 pages -  $100

Full Developmental Edit


If you've finished a first or second draft of your book and you are ready to fully embrace the editing process, the full developmental edit is what you need. 

A developmental edit looks at every aspect of your book: structure, tone, character, plot, language, and grammar. Expect a letter of at least 10 pages discussing all aspects of the book with detailed advice on how and where to tweak, fix, cut, and rewrite. Accompanying the letter, I include a digital copy of the manuscript  with track notes. Once you receive the letter and the digital copy,  we will sit down for a one to two-hour discussion via Skype to answer questions and go over the notes together.

After the developmental edit, most authors take me on as a coach to read and advise as they revise. See Coaching services below.

$50 per hour

Copyediting & Line Editing

This option is for writers whose books have gone through multiple drafts and are almost finished, but they need someone to make sure all the spelling, grammar, and punctuation are in place. I also do line editing, which checks and adjusts sentences for flow and readability. The writer will receive a fully copyedited version with track changes.

$50 per hour


Sometimes it's hard to go it alone. After a developmental edit, or at any stage in the writing process, I am available to read and advise on chapters and drafts, to offer writing advise, to create individualized action plans, and do monthly check-ins. It doesn't matter if you are working on a fifth draft or are just starting out. It's always helpful to have someone in your corner steering you in the right direction.

$50 per hour